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Minotaur Kids Maze

Welcome to the Minotaur Kids Corn Maze

at Prairie Gardens Adventure Farm.  The object of the game is to find the Minotaur in the middle of the maze!  You can also find the checkpoints and solve the Maze Phrase by unscrambling the letters you record on your maze card.

Smartphone Maze Trivia Game

You can utilize all of the options below while in the maze, but your phone will only save your data from today. Choose from the following fun mobile games. You can always use the menu at the top of your screen to navigate back and forth between options.

Maze Trivia
Use trivia to help find your way through the maze. At each checkpoint, you will answer a question. If you answer correctly, you will be headed towards the next checkpoint. If you answer incorrectly, you will be headed the wrong away or even towards a dead end. Choose from tons of fun categories for all ages.

QR Hunt
Find checkpoints in the maze using your phone. When you come to a checkpoint, either enter a code or scan a QR code and your phone will track that you have found the checkpoint. When you have found all the checkpoints, you may be able to enter a contest or get a coupon. Plus, your time to complete the maze may appear on the fastest times list.

Best Times
Want to know how your time stacks up? See the best times for the maze here!

Teachers! Add Education in the Maze! Make your corn maze adventure educational with our all free Maze Master Trivia™. Students can learn or review while navigating the maze. At each checkpoint, students (or group leaders) read a question. If they choose the correct multiple choice answer, they will go the right way. If they are incorrect, they might end up in a dead end! This online program allows you to create your own customized questions before the trip, so you can review any topic that you are studying. For more information, visit our field trip trivia page or ask about Maze Master Trivia when scheduling your trip.